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(1 Hour Audience Ages 8 and up) [12 Actors play 26 rolls, Carolers, much doubling possible] They're all here: Scrooge, Marley, Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim. If you love the flavor and language of the original novel, this is the version for you--it's 95% Dickens! Lots of traditional Christmas carols, too.  PLEASE NOTE:  Same script is used for both Musical and Non-Musical versions.  [MORE INFO...]

(50 min Ages 6 and up) [2M/2W play 4 roles] The Earth's natural supply of Fluoride is running perilously low and our heroes must transport a new secret formula to the Galactic Command Center before the villain can hijack their space ship, steal the formula, and doom mankind to a future of endless cavities and tooth decay. THEME: Dental Health  [MORE INFO...]


 (45 min Ages 4 and up) [2M/2W/1 M or W play 9 roles, opt. chorus] After an introduction by Lewis Carroll, five actors play nine of the more popular characters of the original story. Alice gets bored by the lessons her sister is teaching her, so she follows a White Rabbit down its hole. From then on, it’s not a typical day for Alice! VERY true to the original story. [MORE INFO...]


 (55 min Ages 5 and up) [3M/3W play 7 roles] The Narrator introduces us to Beauty's sisters who are driving their poor old Papa crazy because they just sit around and complain. Thank goodness for his youngest daughter, Beauty, to help keep him sane. After a fateful turn of events, Beauty meets the Beast and we watch her discover what it is about a person that really makes them special. It’s what’s inside that counts! [MORE INFO...]

Non-Musical ONLY (30 minutes All Ages) [10W, 4M, 3Ch play 17 roles] The Last Supper from the perspective of the women serving Jesus and his disciples. Ezekiel, the servant to the owner of the Upper Room, invites us to the place where Jesus and his Disciples are about to celebrate their Passover Meal (his Last Supper). There, in the kitchen, we see the women of Jesus' group busily preparing the traditional meal. Course by course, they prepare and serve the meal to the Disciples, then return to the kitchen to report what they saw happening in the Upper Room-- and how it affects them. The only Disciples we see are Judas and Peter as they pass through the kitchen on their way to and from the Upper Room. The play ends after Jesus and his Disciples have finished their meal, headed off to the Mount of Olives, and the women finish cleaning up. Add the provided Communion service and it’s the perfect hour-long Maundy Thursday service! Check out our special website: [MORE INFO...]


(45 min Ages 4 and up) [8M/7W play 15 roles - opt. Chorus] All the silly monsters who live in Boo Castle (vampire, wolfman, mummy-- silly versions of all the classics) have decided that they want to throw the best Halloween party in the world. The problem is: each monster has his/her own ideas. You can bet there will be lots of confusion until they all decide on the ONE best way to have a "Really Silly, Not Very Scary Happy Halloween at Boo Castle.” [MORE INFO...]


35 min Ages 2 and up) [3M/3W play 9 roles] What child hasn't wished their backyard snowman could come to life and become their best friend and playmate? After being teased by the other kids, Tina makes such a wish, and with the help of the Snow Princess and her two zany Kookies — it comes true! [MORE INFO...]


(50 min Ages 3 and up) [2M/2W play 9 roles] The Sky is Falling! That’s what the rumor is– but is it true? Turkey Lurkey, Ducky Lucky and Goosey Loosey SAY it’s true– but does that make it so? There are plenty of things in this great big world to be careful about– why do we often make mountains out of molehills? [MORE INFO...]


(35 min Ages 2 and up) [3M, 4W play 7 roles] Poor Cinderella. Her silly stepsisters don't seem to like her very much and her stepmother never lets her do anything fun. But just wait until her Fairy Godmother comes to her rescue. Not only will Cinderella go to the ball and meet the Prince and his mother--all the children in the audience will get to go as well! [MORE INFO...]


(35 min Ages 2and up) [1M, 2W play 5 roles] Some mice say "the grass is always greener on the other side," and some say "there's no place like home." With the help of a silly door-to-door salesman and an even sillier dog next door and a cool cat, these two mice learn that some places are nice to visit, but you may not want to live there. [MORE INFO...]


(35 min Ages 2-10) [2M, 2W play 4 roles] The Cuddle Bears are a typical family with a Mom, Dad, and a mischievous son who convinces his younger sister that she has lost her “tickle.” What's a bear to do?" She looks high and low until she finds it, of course. But don't worry, there will be plenty of "giggles and snuggles and tickles and hugs" for all when the Cuddle Bears visit. [MORE INFO...]

(40 min Ages 2 and up) [2M, 2W play 4 roles] The poor Shoemaker and his very demanding wife are going through rough times. Then one night they are visited by two silly, bumbling elves. Their assignment is to help the Shoemaker make shoes. The results are as silly as the elves. (See also:  Santa's Elves & the Shoemaker) [MORE INFO...]


(35 min Ages 2 and up) [2M, 2W play 5 roles] What do you do when you're having a Christmas party and the big gingerbread cookie your mom made for desert decides it doesn't want to stay? You plead with it, sing to it, chase it, and even make a deal with it--just like anybody else. But don't worry, the cookie comes back home and the party's a BIG success! [MORE INFO...]

(40 min Ages 2 and up) [2M, 2W play 4 roles] Goldilocks is lost and stumbles onto the Three Bears' house. Finding no one home, she tries to find a phone to call her mom and in the meantime wreaks havoc on the bears' house. When the family returns, it's hard to say who is more surprised– Goldilocks, the Bears or the audience! [MORE INFO...]


(35 min Ages 5-12) [3M/3W play 5 roles] Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf, and a contemporary Bully are brought together to discuss their stories . Rocky, the bully, relates how violence is a “quick fix” to life’s problems. The audience helps show Rocky that violence isn’t a good solution and shouldn’t be the first choice to solve problems. THEME: Non-violence for Elementary School audiences. [MORE INFO...]

(35 min Ages 2 and up) [1M/2W play 4 roles] Hansel and Gretel get lost in the woods and stumble upon the Witch's ginger- bread house and are so hungry they begin eating. The silly, near-sighted Witch decides to teach the naughty children a lesson about how to treat other people’s things. Well, suffice it to say this is a play about not jumping to conclusions--nothing is as it seems. [MORE INFO...]


(45 min Ages 2 and up) [2M, 2W play 7 roles] Times are rough so Jack’s Mom sends him out to sell the family cow so they’ll have money for food. He sells the cow to a local peddler for beans— well, you know the rest. He almost gets caught by the Giant, but the Giant’s housekeeper saves him and helps trick the Giant into giving Jack the Golden Goose. Jack exchanges one egg for the goose’s freedom, so everyone has a happy ending. [MORE INFO...]

(35 min Ages 2 and up) [2M, 2W play 8 roles] The town's shepherd boy has been hanging with the wrong crowd. An up-to-no-good wolf decides to use the boy’s poor choice for friends to his advantage. He convinces the boy to lie and play practical jokes on the townspeople just for fun. The boy is having a good old' time until he realizes the Wolf has set his sights on the sheep! Will he discover the value of character, responsibility, and truthfulness in time to save his herd? You can bet he does-- but not before he turns up the heat on that ol’ Wolf! [MORE INFO...]


“The Story of Kansas in 55 minutes!” (55 min Ages 10 and up) [2M/2W, cast of 160 possible – Perfect for schools!] Originally toured the state of Kansas with only 4 actors, but your group can use any number of performers– up to 160! This wonderful new play with music both old and new chronicles the evolution of Kansas, from pre-history to today, through the eyes and words of some of its more famous (and infamous!) participants. This show also highlights some of the Kansas people and events that have gone on to impact our country and our world. Perfect for Kansas Day classroom presentations! [MORE INFO...]


(30 min Ages 2 and up) [2M, 2W play 4 roles] At the Little Red Hen’s Chicken Coop and Boarding House, our hostess has been trying to get her friends, the Cat, Dog and Mouse, to help her make some bread from scratch, but they always seem to have something more important to do. It's not until the Little Red Hen does all the work herself and sits down to eat the bread that the friends learn a very important lesson about friendship. [MORE INFO...]


(45 min Ages 3 and up) [2M/2W play 5 roles] The Narrator/Woodcutter introduces us to Barbara Jean Weaver (a.k.a. Little Red), a typically precocious little girl. After her Mom sends her to take some goodies to her Grandma, she stumbles onto the Wolf. And after the Wolf gets a sniff of the goodies in her basket (especially the chocolate cake with peanut butter-chocolate frosting!), he decides to do ANYTHING to get them from her. Grandma outsmarts him in the end with the help of itchy poison ivy! [MORE INFO...]


Non-Musical ONLY (30 min Ages 2 and up) [2M/3W play 5 roles] ". . . And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse" -- well, that's not true. The whole household was turned upside-down with anticipation of the arrival of Santa Clause. Includes a funny presentation of the famous poem! [MORE INFO...]


(35 min Ages 2 and up) [2M, 2W play 8 roles] Silly Peter Rabbit! His brothers and sisters always try to keep him away from trouble. His mother warns him about going into McGregor's garden but he won't listen. He gets trapped inside the garden and barely gets out in time. If that wasn’t enough excitement, Cousin Benjamin comes over and calls Peter a chicken. Peter HAS to go back to the garden now! You can bet they'll get out safely, after they learn a valuable lesson! [MORE INFO...]

(45 min Ages 4 and up) [2M/2W play 9 roles Opt. Chorus] The evil Mayor has decreed that childhood imagination is a waste of time. When the town is over-run by rats, a mysterious Piper appears. When she (or he) sees how the children are being treated, she– and the audience– helps rid the town of the biggest rat of all– the Mayor! [MORE INFO...]


(55 min Ages 4 and up) [2M/3W play 5 roles] Poor old Geppetto is such a kind, gentle fellow, the Blue Fairy makes it possible for his puppet, Pinocchio, to become a real boy. The problem is that Pinocchio meets up with the Cat and the Fox and keeps getting into trouble--and for some reason, his nose keeps growing! Pinocchio learns that being "real" means he must tell the truth. [MORE INFO...]


(45 min Ages 4 and up) [3M/2W play 5 roles, Opt. Chorus] The Prince must marry a real princess before his next birthday or he will lose the throne, and the only way to tell if a girl is a REAL princess is to have her take a test! With the Steward’s help, the Princess takes the test--and she passes! [MORE INFO...]


(35 min Ages 2 and up) [2M/2W play 4 roles, + Opt Santa] A special Holiday version of our “Elves & the Shoemaker.” The poor Shoemaker and his very demanding wife are going through rough times. Then one night they are visited by two silly, bumbling elves. They’ve just bumbled their last assignment and Santa is giving them one last chance. Their assignment from Santa is to help the Shoemaker make shoes. Do they succeed? The results are as silly as the elves. [MORE INFO...]


(35 min Ages 5-12) [2M/3W play 6 roles] As Mamma sends her "little piggies" out into the world, she gives them valuable advice on living a healthy lifestyle. One by one, the pigs meet the Wolf (who, because of the bad advice of the evil Merchant, just can't seem to get his life together). They Pigs finally thwart the Merchant, and help the Wolf lead a healthier lifestyle. Written specially for Great American Smoke-out Week. THEME: Healthy Lifestyle Choices. [MORE INFO...]


Non-Musical ONLY (50 min Ages 12 and up) [3M/2W- or more!] An improvisation troupe visits a school to help the students learn the importance of using communication skills to avert potentially violent situations. The show imparts the statistics and information within an exciting improvisation format. Plenty of improvisation and audience participation--they'll even get to join the actors in some of the improvs! THEME: Non-Violence for Middle/High School audiences. [MORE INFO...]


(45 min Ages 2 and up) [2M, 2W play 4 roles] All the three billy goats want to do is get across the bridge so they can eat the grass on the other side, but they think there's a grumbly, grouchy, bully of a Troll under the bridge who is determined not to let them pass. Well, actually, the Troll is not a bit mean— he just wants someone to play with! They do finally get across, but not until after they learn some manners--and they even make a new friend in the process. [MORE INFO...]


(45 min Ages 2 and up) [2M, 2W play 4 roles] The three little kittens have lost their mittens--but they're not just going to sit around and cry about it! These are definitely not your ordinary house cats. Mom says that if they don’t find their mittens before Aunt Shirley arrives, there will be trouble! The audience helps them find their mittens and save them from their hideous fate--a time out! [MORE INFO...]


(45 min Ages 2 and up) [2M/2W play 5 roles] The Three Little Pigs decide it's time they left home. Against the advice of the friendly Merchant, they build their houses and they meet up with the hungry wolf (little do they know he's a vegetarian!)-- and one by one he blows their houses down. In the end, the Pigs learn to use common sense and the Wolf learns to control his temper. [MORE INFO...]


A small-cast version that WORKS! (55 min Ages 6 and up) [3M, 2W play 14 roles] It would seem that some things NEVER change: Boys will be boys, still trying to get around rules established by adults– and no self-respecting kid can pass up a good adventure. We’ll follow that rascal Tom Sawyer (with the help of Mark Twain himself) and his friends– and foes– as they whitewash a fence, play hooky, find a cure for warts, attend their own funeral, get lost in a cave, and solve a murder mystery. 95% Twain! [MORE INFO...]


(35 min Ages 2 and up) [3M, 2W play 6 roles (8M, 7W + Chorus version available)] We know how happy a toy is when it belongs to a little boy or girl-- but what happens to a toy before that? It lives in Toy Land, where all toys are kept until they're given to a child. It’s Christmas Eve and the new toys arrive. The Toy Soldier must make sure they are ready to be taken to kids all over the world by Santa. The Raggedy Doll, Teddy Bear and Top are ready to go— but the Jack-in-the-Box is causing all sorts of problems. Can the Toy Soldier get everything settled in time for Santa’s arrival? Sure, but it will take some quick thinking! [MORE INFO...]


(35 min Ages 2 +) [2M, 2W play 4 roles] While looking for a big story, a TV reporter stumbles upon a young Hare looking for someone to race. Then a retired Tortoise comes along, and she discovers that she may have a chance to find out the TRUE story of the Tortoise and the Hare. The race goes on as we would expect-- and the Tortoise wins. But the Hare wins, too, because she learns that sometimes it's not your opponent who beats you-- it's yourself. Parents (and Grandparents!) in the audience will love this show as much as the kids! [MORE INFO...]


(35 min.  Ages 2 and up) [2M, 2W play 12 roles] Everyone thinks the little new-born is just plain ugly. He doesn’t look like the others, he doesn’t talk like the others, and he certainly doesn’t act like the others. He is just so different in so many ways – and on a farm, different isn’t so good. Well, our hero soon helps everyone learn an important lesson about fitting in, and how, sometimes, the smallest person can be the biggest bully.


(55 min Ages 4 and up) [3M/2W play 8 roles] Dorothy, with the help of Glinda, the Good Witch, Scarecrow, Tinman and the Lion, must defeat the Wicked Witch so that the Wizard will help her get back to Kansas. The audience becomes the Munchkins-- and one even becomes the Great Wizard of Oz! NOTE: This new adaptation is based on the original novel— not the MGM film. [MORE INFO...]

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