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ADv of the Fluoride Fandango 


Adventure of the Fluoride Fandango

by Kevin M Reese

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We meet Capt. Mandy Buhler and Lt Max Zeller (BLAST-OFF TO ADVENTURE) on the deck of their interplanetary space ship. Capt. Mandy is a no-nonsense type of commander and Lt Max is her silly second-in-command but they aren’t above a little friendly teasing when Lt. Max accidentally transports himself into the cage of a gorilla (LITTLE CUTIE SWEET PATOOTIE). Soon we meet Robbie, the ships resident robot. She is busy downloading information about tooth decay into her memory. She informs Capt Mandy that their new mission is to deliver the information to Command Control. Evidently, the scientist who was developing a new synthetic form of Fluoride mysteriously disappeared. Luckily, he hid the CD containing the secret formula in a safe place. Now, Robbie must get the formula to Intergalactic HQ before the unknown villain can get his hands on the formula, destroy it and doom the universe to unending tooth decay (CAVITY CRISIS). Next appears Dr. Phil Fistula. He has transported onto the ship looking for the secret formula. He tricks Robbie into thinking that by drinking water, she can cool her system down, which has been working overtime to download all the fluoride information. The evil dentist leaves with what he thinks is a disk containing the formula. Meanwhile, Capt Mandy and Lt Max must finish the rest of their journey in a suspended animation sleep phase. During this time (GLIDING THROUGH LIFE), Robbie drinks so much water that she begins to rust. Capt. Mandy and Lt. Max awaken to find Robbie all rusted out and barely able to function. Dr. Fistula reappears to again find the secret formula and is discovered by Max, but Dr Fistula captures Max, ties him up, and transports off the ship. They chase the evil doctor through time and space (THE FLUORIDE FANDANGO). They finally catch him and discover that the reason he became a villain was because people have always made fun of his crooked, rotting teeth. Just as they tell him how the prison’s dental program could give him a bright, healthy smile again, the diabolical dentist-gone-bad escapes again to find another way to create dental chaos on the universe. Once again Capt. Mandy, Lt. Max and Robby head off for more adventures (BLASS-OFF TO ADVENTURE).

Production Length: 50 minutes with music. Recommended for Audiences Age 7 and up.

Sets: Spaceship Control Room Int

Original Cast: 4:   2 Men, 2 Women.

Capt Mandy Buhler
Lt. Max Zeller
Robbie, the Robot
Dr. Phil Fistula

Short Description:
The Earth's natural supply of Fluoride is running perilously low and our heroes must transport a new secret formula to the Galactic Command Center before the villain can hijack their space ship, steal the formula, and doom mankind to a future of endless cavities and tooth decay.
THEME: Dental Health  

#1: Blast-Off to Adventure - Mandy & Max
#2: Little Cutie, Sweet Patootie - Mandy & Max
#3: Cavity Crisis - Max
#4: Gliding Through Life - Robbie
#5: The Fluoride Fandango - Max & Mandy
#6: Blast-Off to Adventure (Finale) - All



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The Class room

All kinds of "how-to" instruction:  Acting, Directing, Producing for family audiences, Videotaping, Auditions, etc.  We even have FREE scenes for classroom use.



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