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About KMR Scripts

Browse our pages and you'll see why our shows have been seen by over 2 million kids all over the world. We care about kids' entertainment. We do what whatever we can to help YOU provide fun, quality entertainment for kids and their families.

Company FAQ...

About Our Plays & Musicals

We know what it's like to produce plays for Child/Family audiences.  Our staff brings a wide range of theatre/life experiences to help you produce the best possible productions.  Scan through our menu and you'll find all kinds of helpful information.
Our pledge:  We are Here for You


About Kevin M Reese

We ONLY handle the plays and musicals of Kevin M Reese. He's been entertaining kids most of his adult life-- first as an actor, then director and producer, now as a Dad and a playwright.

Kevin's FAQ...

Blog Kevin's Blog

We finally talked Kevin M Reese into writing a blog. He was hesitant because he says the important thing is whether or not he writes fun plays for kids.


About Our Business Philosophy

We strive to offer "Positively Outrageous Service."  We know our customers want no surprises and no excuses.
Our pledge:  We are Here for You


About Our Prices & Fees

How much are scripts?  How much are Performance Packet rentals?  Here is where you can find all that information.
Our pledge:  We are Here for You


About Our Music

We were the first play publisher to offer our backing tracks (performance soundtracks) in multiple keys so you can find the best fit for your singers.  Just another example of how we KNOW what it's like to produce plays and musicals.  Check out all the information about our music.  Don't forget that samples of all our music is available online-- just go to each show's detail page.
Our pledge:  We are Here for You

Music FAQ...

About Our PreShow

The preshow is a great time to let the kids know that being in the audience of a live show is different than sitting at home in front of the TV or sitting in a movie house.


About Our Shipping Policies

Shipping policies vary from company to company, so here is where you can find out our way of getting materials to our customers.  We use US Postal Service whenever we can.
Our pledge:  We are Here for You


About Kevin M Reese Play Chronology

Just a listing of all Kevin's plays in the order that he wrote them.


The Green Room

This is where you  go to find all sorts of fun stuff.  Recipes for cast parties, helpful links, photos from various productions around the world, etc.  Check it out!



The Class room

All kinds of "how-to" instruction:  Acting, Directing, Producing for family audiences, Videotaping, Auditions, etc.  We even have FREE scenes for classroom use.



Video Clips 

Now you can view video clips of our shows from various theatres around the world! 




Whether you want to purchase a perusal (reading) copy of one of our scripts or order a Production Packet (rehearsal materials), this is where you go.  There is also a link to fill out a Performance Application.



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