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That Chicken Little Henny Penny 


That Chicken Little
Henny Penny

by Kevin M Reese]

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Detailed Plot:
We meet the Fox, the Wolf, and the Cat (LEAGUE OF VILLAINS EXTRAORDINAIRE) as they’re trying to find something to eat. They are as silly a bunch of unlikely villains as you would ever meet. Just as Fox and Wolf are about to turn on the Cat, Chicken Little, a chicken hawk who always gets mistaken for Henny Penny, arrives. The three villains try to get the jump on Chicken Little, but he is too sly for the trio. After he leaves, Fox and Wolf resume their attention on the Cat, who escapes, swearing off the life of a villain forever. This leaves the Fox and Wolf pondering their ability to be villains (BAD). They exit, looking for the Cat. Soon we meet Henny Penny who is enjoying the day (WONDERFUL DAY). Suddenly she is hit on the head by something. She assumes it must be the sky falling, signifying the end of the world. Goosey Loosey enters and mistakes Henny Penny for Chicken Little. She doesn’t believe Henny Penny’s “sky is falling” story at first, but when she feels the bump on Henny Penny's head, she becomes a believer and decide they’d better warn the King (FALLING). The Wolf enters and assumes the disguise of a policeman in order to trick the two birds into his tummy. They soon see through his disguise and get him so confused that he exits, babbling all the way. The hen and goose exit for the Palace and soon the Fox appears, still looking for the Cat. He stumbles upon the Wolf, still babbling incoherently after his encounter with the hen and goose. The Wolf, too, has decided to give up the life of villainy, much to the chagrin of the Fox. Now the Fox is totally committed and leaves to find his next meal: Henny Penny and Goosey Loosey (NO-PEEK CHICKEN). Next we meet Turkey Lurkey, who comes across the goose. Goosey Loosey tells the turkey about Henny Penny’s experience, just as they are about to head for the Palace, Ducky Lucky comes along. Just as the turkey and goose tell him about the sky falling, the Fox enters, disguised as a reporter, searching for Henny Penny. The three birds soon see through his disguise, send him on a wild goose chase, then head off again for the Palace. When the Fox realizes he has been tricked again, he swears to get revenge on the birds for what they have done to the Wolf and the Cat– and himself (REVENGE). Next, Henny Penny meets Chicken Little. The two can’t understand why people are getting them confused. They are joined by Goosey Loosey just before the Fox appears– this time lamely disguised as a pig. Chicken Little runs the Fox off then the three resume their trek to the Palace (MARCH TO THE PALACE). Fox makes yet another last-ditch effort to get the birds. This time he almost succeeds, but of course, is run off again by Chicken Little and the trio finish their journey (MARCH TO THE PALACE AGAIN). At the Palace, they meet the silly King who convinces Henny Penny that it was an acorn that hit her– not a piece of the sky. He also tells the group that the Fox has been caught raiding a hen house and has been sent to a petting zoo for punishment.  (GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL SKY - FINALE)

That Chicken Little Henny Penny

Courtesy: Wichita Children's Theatre (KS)

setting:   the "old-fashioned" once upon a time period.  Scenery:  a Field, just past the opening of the forest.

Original Cast: 4:   2 Men, 2 Women played 9 characters
(you may certainly use more actors and not double-up)

Revenge, unnecessary worry, Tolerance, Peer Pressure.

Running Time:  50 Min.  Easily shortened.

Target Audience: Ages 3 and up. Families.

Characters:  9 (Doubling possible)
Chicken Little
Henny Penny
Goosey Loosey
Turkey Lurkey
Ducky Lucky

Short Description:
The Sky is Falling! That’s what the rumor is– but is it true? Turkey Lurkey, Ducky Lucky and Goosey Loosey SAY it’s true– but does that make it so? There are plenty of things in this great big world to be careful about– why do we often make mountains out of molehills?

2: BAD - Fox & Wolf
3: WONDERFUL DAY - Henny Penny
4: FALLING - Henny Penny & Goosey Loosey
6: REVENGE - Fox
7: OFF TO THE PALACE - Henny P, Turkey L, Chicken L
8: OFF TO THE PALACE (REPRISE) - Henny P, Turkey L, Chicken L

Original Production
THAT CHICKEN LITTLE HENNY PENNY was first presented by the Wichita Children's Theatre for the Once Upon a Time series. It opened March 17, 2004, and played seven performances. It was directed by John (JB) Boldenow The cast of four actors was:

Actor 1 (Fox, King) . . . . . . . . . . . . Kyle Vespestad
Actor 2 (Wolf, Turkey Lurkey). . . . . . . . Monte Wheeler
Actor 3 (Cat, Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky) . . . Becka Bracken
Actor 4 (Goosey Loosey, Chicken Little) . . . . Nancy Bogart


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