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The Gingerbread Man 


The Gingerbread Man

Musical Adaptation by Kevin M Reese]

Available in Musical & Non-Musical Versions

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Detailed Plot:
After singing (ONCE UPON A TIME), the narrator (played by the actor who will be the Gingerbread Man) introduces us to Corrie, Tyler, and their Mom. Corrie and Tyler are two typical kids who play and argue just like any other siblings. They are getting ready for their annual Christmas party (WE’RE HAVING A CHRISTMAS PARTY). As usual, Mom is baking her traditional Gingerbread cookies– but this year, she decided to make one REALLY BIG cookie (THE SECRET INGREDIENT). Mom suggests that the kids go outside and play while the cookies are cooling. Corrie and Tyler proceed to play some games with the kids in the audience. Mom calls the kids inside when the cookies are ready. When they get inside, they meet the Gingerbread Man (I’M THE GINGERBREAD MAN). Corrie and Tyler are so taken by their new cookie friend that they take him outside to play and meet the kids in the audience. But soon Mom calls them inside because it is getting near the time for the party (MOM IS CALLING). Unfortunately, the Gingerbread Man has been having so much fun, he refuses to go inside (YOU CAN’T CATCH ME). Much to the kids’ dismay, the cookie runs away, leaving them to explain things to their Mom. We soon see the Gingerbread Man running away from someone or something. He explains that he’s been chased and almost eaten many times since he was gone and he wishes he had just gone inside with the kids. He asks the kids in the audience to help him find his way back to the kids’ home. Finally, Mom and kids are reunited with their cookie friend– just in time for the party (WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS).

Kitchen/Dining/Living Room Unit Stage

Original Cast: 4:   2 Men, 2 Women played 5 characters

Responsibility, Lying, Stanger danger.

Running Time:  40 Min.  

Target Audience: Ages 2 - 10, Families.

Characters:  5
Tyler (Taylor)
Gingerbread Man

Please Note:
With a few script changes (provided in the Director's script for this show), the story can be changed to evolve around a BIRTHDAY PARTY-- instead of a Christmas party

Short Description:
What do you do when you're having a Christmas party and the big gingerbread cookie your mom made for desert decides it doesn't want to stay? You reason with it, plead with it, sing to it, chase it, and even make a deal with it--just like anybody else. But don't worry, the party is a BIG success!

1: Once Upon a Time - Narrator
2: We're Having a Christmas Party - Corrie & Tyler
3: The Secret Ingredient - Mom & Kids
4: I'm the Gingerbread Man - Gingerbread Man
5: Mom is Calling - Corrie & Tyler
6: You Can't Catch Me - Gingerbread Man
7: We Wish You a Merry Christmas - All

Original Production
The Gingerbread Man was first presented by the Wichita Children's Theatre for the Once Upon a Time series. It opened December 2, 1996, and played sixteen performances. It was directed by John (JB) Boldenow, choreographed by Barb Schoenhofer, and costumed by Audra Wiese.


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The Class room

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