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The True Story of the Tortoise & the Hare 


The True Story of the
Tortoise & the Hare

Musical Adaptation by Kevin M Reese]

Available in Musical & Non-Musical Versions

Video Promo Available Soon

Detailed Plot:
A television news reporter enters the forest looking for a story. When she discovers the kids in the audience are here to see “The Tortoise and the Hare,” she sings a song about the story (TORTOISE AND THE HARE). She is soon joined by the town mayor, Mayor Wolf. He is a silly character who prides himself as a funny jokester– though nobody else does. He spends most of his day unsuccessfully trying to make people laugh. When he learns of the reporter, he sets as his goal to be interviewed on TV. Henrietta Hare runs in. She is always on the go, always running and rushing. Her motto is “Why walk when you can run?” (YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE). She is bored and asks if anybody wants to race her. When Grandpa G, a tortoise, mosies onto the scene, the reporter begins to get very excited when she realizes that the story of the Tortoise and the Hare is beginning to unfold right before her eyes– and camera. She asks the tortoise what his secret to long life is (DO A KIND DEED). In a short interaction, we see the juxtaposition of the Tortoise (patient, self-confident) and the Hare (impatient, reckless). Meanwhile, the Wolf is looking for the reporter to see if she wants to interview him. He keeps thinking of different angles to get her attention (IT’S A JOKE). The reporter appears, determined to get Grandpa G to agree to race Henrietta. At first he sees no point to such an endeavor– but the kids in the audience soon convince him to race her. The stakes are: if Henrietta wins, Grandpa G has to play video games with her for a week. If Grandpa G wins, Henrietta has to give up TV and video games. They do, indeed, race (THE RACE #1, #2, #3), the tortoise does indeed win, and Grandpa G. and Henrietta begin a new friendship. (TORTOISE AND THE HARE FINALE)

Sets:  Various Forest clearings

Original Cast: 4

Personal Responsibility, Pride, Self Confidence, Respect for Elders

Running Time:  35 Min.  

Target Audience: Ages 2 - 10, Families.

Characters:  4
Action Reporter
Mayor Wolf
Henrietta Hare
Grandpa G Tortoise 

1: The Tortoise and the Hare - Reporter
2: You Snooze, You Lose!- Hare, Reporter, Wolf
3: Do a Kind Deed- Tortoise, Reporter
4: It’s a Joke!- Wolf
5: The Race #1/#2/#3 - All
6: The Tortoise and the Hare (Finale) - All

Short Description:
While looking for a big story, a TV reporter stumbles upon a young Hare looking for someone to race. Then a retired Tortoise comes along, and she discovers that she may have a chance to find out the TRUE story of the Tortoise and the Hare. The race goes on as we would expect-- and the Tortoise wins. But the Hare wins, too, because she learns that sometimes it's not your opponent who beats you-- it's yourself. Parents (and Grandparents!) in the audience will love this show as much as the kids!

Original Production
THE TRUE STORY OF THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE was first presented by the Wichita Children's Theatre for the Once Upon a Time series. It opened February 17, 2005, and played seven performances. It was directed by John (JB) Boldenow and choreographed by Kyle Vespestad. Nancy Bogard was the Music Director. The cast was:

Action Reporter . . . . . . . . . Nancy Bogard
Mayor Wolf. . . . . . . . . . . . Kyle Vespestad
Henrietta Hare . . . . . . . . . . Lindsey Kirkpatrick
Grandpa G Tortoise . . . . . . . Monte Wheeler

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The Class room

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