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Buddy, the Magic Snowman 


Buddy, the
Magic Snowman

[by Kevin M Reese]

Detailed Plot:
The show opens with our main character, Tina, being teased by some of her friends. After they run off, Officer Jean, who overheard the exchange, comforts Tina by explaining that the boys just haven’t learned that all our actions have consequences– both good and bad. When the boys return for more teasing, Officer Jean helps teach the boys a lesson by reminding them that Santa can see everything they do. This sends the boys off in a panic, apologizing to Tina as they scurry off. Now alone, Tina then finds a snowman and begins talking to him. Just as she wishes the snowman could be her friend, a Snow Princess appears (HERE WE COME A-WASSAILING) to grant her wish. Along with her are two VERY silly and hyper Holiday Kookies: Chris, the Christmas Kookie (WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS) and Hans, the Hanukah Kookie (LITTLE DREIDEL SONG). With their help (and the help of the kids in the audience), the Snow Princess brings Tina’s snowman to life. Tina shows Buddy around town where they meet up with Officer Jean who is so flabbergasted over meeting a talking snowman that she staggers off, deliriously. After leading the audience in a Sing-Along of Holiday songs, Officer Jean re-enters, looking for Buddy. She is convinced that a walking, talking snowman is breaking a law. A chase ensues and Buddy gets caught. With the help of the audience, Officer Jean is convinced that Buddy is no threat to the community. Finally, the Snow Princess arrives (DECK THE HALLS) and explains that winter is almost over and Buddy must go with her to the North Pole until next year, but promises that he will be the first snowball she makes NEXT year. (JINGLE BELLS).

Exterior. Town park or outskirts of town. Original production had bare stage with lots of snow-capped evergreen tree units and a couple snowmen (with the light inside to make it glow) arranged around the stage. Christmas tree lights were hung on various tree units. The lights helped the snowman's transformation immensely.

Characters:  9 (Doubling possible)
Officer Jean (Gene)
Snow Princess
Hans (A Kookie)
Chris (A Kookie)

Original Cast: 6:   3 Men, 3 Women

Short Description:
What child hasn't wished their backyard snowman could come to life and become their best friend and playmate? After being teased by the other kids, Tina makes such a wish, and with the help of the Snow Princess and her two Kookies — it comes true!

MUSIC: (traditional Christmas Carols)
#1 Here We Come A-Wassailing - Snow Princess, Tina
#2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Chris, Hans
#3 The Little Dreidel Song - Hans, Chris
#4 ** SING ALONG ** (selected by the audience)
#5 Deck the Halls - All
#6 Jingle Bells - All

Original Production
BUDDY, THE MAGIC SNOWMAN was first presented by the Wichita Children's Theatre Professional Touring Company for the Once Upon a Time Series. It opened December 3, 1994 and played eighteen performances. Produced by Monica Flynn and directed by Kevin Reese.


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