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About Our Business Philosophy

1.  Customer Service.  We strive to provide Positively Outrageous Service (to borrow a phrase from the popular book by T. Scott Gross).

2.  No Excuses.  We have confidence in the  quality of our shows and in our way of doing business.  If we mess up, we'll accept full responsibility and do whatever it takes to make it right.  For example:  If we're late in getting materials to a customer, not only will be pick up the bill for the overnight shipping-- we may also deduct some of the cost of the production materials from their bill.  We inspect everything that leaves our office, but if you receive materials that are incomplete or incorrect, we'll fix it right away.  

3.  No Surprises.  Our web site is chock full of information about our shows and about performing for kids.  We offer reading copies of all our scripts, anyone with Internet access can listen to free audio samples of all our songs from all our shows.  The Playwright, Kevin M Reese, is always happy to answer questions about his shows and strives to accommodate any special (or unusual) requests for information not otherwise available.  We try to make sure that when a theatre decides to produce a KMR Scripts show, they know everything they need to know and are as prepared as possible to present our shows to their audiences.

4.  Production Materials.  We produce and reproduce all our production materials "in-house."  The soundtracks are recorded, and the CDs are duplicated in our own recording studio.  The scripts, sheet music and supporting materials are printed and bound in our office.  We keep our overhead low by doing everything ourselves.  We figure a theatre won't miss fancy-schmancy bound scripts if they can save money, yet still have high quality production materials.   Plus, one of the cornerstones of our business is that we are continually "upgrading" our shows.  When an improvement is found by the playwright, he makes the changes and we print new materials.  The scripts you get are the newest, most up-to-date versions from the playwright.  If we used a printing office, we'd have to continue selling the "outdated" scripts before we could print new versions.

5. Order Turn-around Time.  We fill the orders as soon as we can (usually within 24 hours of receiving the paid order), but we sometimes have to wait for some materials to be printed or revisions by the playwright, so our "official" stand is that we need a turn-around time (from the day we receive the order to the day you receive the materials) of two weeks.  If a customer is in a time crunch due to their planning (it happens to all of us), we will do everything we can to fill their order within their time frame but they will pay for the rush shipping/handling of the order.  Of course, if a customer is in a time crunch because of something WE do, we will make it right at OUR expense.  We hold ourselves responsible for our business practices.  

6.  Shipping.  We charge a small, flat postage fee for perusal script orders (which is usually what we pay in postage) and for orders that we have to invoice.  We generally pay shipping charges for pre-paid Production Packets to our customers inside the US.  We use US Postal Service's Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery) whenever we can.    If faster shipping is requested, we'll use Express Mail (next-day) by USPS and charge you extra for that service.  We are located in a small town and don't have Fed Ex or UPS readily available.  We will be happy to ship outside the US, but postage varies considerably from country to country so we charge $10-20 extra for non-US shipments.   We do not do business with residents of countries who do not honor US copyright protection laws and/or do not have bilateral copyright relations with the US.

7. Free Stuff.  We like to give away surprises at KMR Scripts.  Most of the time (though not always) we will  add free stuff to customers' orders such as a free perusal script.  Heck, we've even been known to knock off all the royalty fees for the whole run of a show.  We think that's a nice thing to do (and its a lot of FUN, too!).  The trouble is:  we can't afford to do it all the time and there is really no rhyme or reason to our deciding who gets free stuff (although we'll admit that those who order more stuff from us have a better chance of getting a "surprise" in their order packet).  It's our way of saying THANKS-- but we reserve the right to stop doing it at any time for any reason.

8. Script Revisions.  Our playwright is willing to make revisions of his shows for the benefit of a particular theatre (he considers his plays "works in progress") .  If approved, these are usually done free of charge.   (For more on script revisions see Kevin M Reese's FAQ)  We will not tolerate, and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, any unauthorized script revisions made by theatres.

9.  Pre-Payment of Orders.  We're a small business.  We can't afford to extend credit to theatres and individuals.  We used to send the merchandise along with an invoice and trust that the payment would be forthcoming.  We were frequently disappointed.  Now our policy is "advance payment."  

10.  Refund Policy.  We don't have one.  We don't offer refunds.  We don't offer exchanges either.  Period.  We make no apologies for this policy.  It's pretty much the standard operating procedure of script publishers.  You are buying the scripts in order to read them (and hopefully produce them).  If you've read it and don't care for it, you just add it to the other 100-200 other rejected scripts in your library.  Our scripts are not that expensive.  

Occasionally, a theatre would order the production materials for one of our shows (such as Cinderella or Pinocchio) then, after receiving the shipment,  they discovered that it's not the Disney version after all, and they asked for their money back.  We don't do that.  We assume that you've actually read our scripts before you order (and pay for) the rehearsal materials.  The Production Packets we send theatres are RENTED materials.  If they leave our office, the rent must be paid-- because if they are at your theatre, they are not available for other theatres to use.  

Royalty is a different matter.  If you don't perform the show, you don't have to pay the royalty.  However, if you pre-pay your royalty fees and end up not actually performing all the shows you paid for, we do not refund royalty fees (we MAY offer an in-house credit).  That is why we discourage pre-payment of royalty and allow you to pay your royalty AFTER you open.

We also do not allow theatres to use coupons or discounts to be applied to fees that have already been paid.  That would be a refund, and again, we don't offer refunds.

11.  Collecting Late/Outstanding Balances.  We pride ourselves in only having to  to write off one account in the 12+ years that we've been in business (Glenna Libby, DBA Chesepeake Players, Chesapeake, VA).  That could mean that we are very aggressive in keeping track of the money people owe us.  It could also mean that we have a knack for doing all we can to help theatres BEFORE they get themselves behind in payments.  Actually, it's both!  

We have been known to bend over backwards to help a theatre in any way we possibly can.  The trick here is that the theatre must be completely honest with us-- in advance.  We have never refused a theatre when they ask for additional time to pay.  We have even given discounts in the past.   Where people get into trouble is when they don't tell us, then suddenly their account is past due and they now expect us to be accommodating.  Our contract spells out very clearly that it will be expensive to be late in payments.

12.  Links to other websites.  We are not responsible for the practices employed by web sites linked to or from our web site nor the information or content therein. Often links to other web sites are provided solely as pointers to information on topics that may be useful to the users of our web site.  Please remember that when you use a link to go from our web site to another web site, our Privacy Policy is no longer in effect. Your browsing and interaction on any other web site, including web sites which have a link on our web site, is subject to that web site’s own rules and policies. Please read over those rules and policies before proceeding.  

We check out the web sites of all our links before we add the link, but if you come across a linked site that employs pop-ups or other "annoyance" web practices, please let us know and we'll remove them.

13.  Reservation of Rights.   We reserve the right to refuse to do business with and/or issue performance rights to anyone or any organization for any reason.  And if we choose to bend our rules for your particular situation, that is no indication that we had abdicated our policies or will wave our policies again in the future-- each situation is governed by the particulars of that situation.  We alone control the performance rights to shows by Kevin M Reese.  So, if you want to produce his shows, you must go through us-- and you'll need to abide by our rules (and a little chocolate helps, too!).

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