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Possibly the biggest benefit of producing a show with KMR Scripts is that we provide all the music your production will need on high quality CDs.  If your theatre is working on a tight budget (even if it's not!), this can save you hundreds of dollars in musician fees.   Think of it:  no more rehearsal accompanists, no more trying to schedule a time when your pit band can rehearse with the cast, no more pulling your hair out because your band can't seem to match pitch with the performers.  Our Performance Soundtracks take a lot of the worry and expense out of your production.

By the way, back in 1996, we were the VERY FIRST play publishing company to offer the songs' performance tracks in multiple keys for theatres to choose from.

The soundtracks of shows handled by KMR Scripts have been professionally recorded from the original MIDI tracks of the original productions.  Most shows have 3-5 piece arrangements (except Cinderella and Princess & the Pea, which are only piano) and are available on CD.  All you need to do is provide your cast and Music Director with a CD or tape of the Rehearsal and Performance Soundtracks and they can rehearse at their convenience.  Of course, Vocal Lead Sheets are provided for your production as well.



Music FAQ - Click here to go to our special Q/A section about our music.

Rehearsal Tracks - Contain all the songs the actors sing.  The actors can practice singing their songs along with the recorded  voice. 

Performance Soundtracks - Contains the Accompaniment tracks to all the songs in the show.  

CDs - Contain the Performance Soundtracks and Rehearsal Tracks.  The songs in the Performance Soundtrack are usually provided in five different keys (the only exceptions are Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty & the Beast, in which the songs are only in the one, original key).  This assures that your actors can sing the songs in a comfortable vocal range.  You just pick the one that suits their voices best. 

Lead Sheets - Contain the complete lyrics and vocal lines for all the songs the actors sing.  The Lead Sheets are in corresponding keys with the CD.

Piano Scores - Because we provide the Performance Soundtrack on CD, we do not provide piano scores for our shows.  Due to the nature of MIDI, it is impossible to duplicate our soundtracks using only piano.   [NOTE:  Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty & the Beast were composed prior to our use of MIDI.  They are the only shows that have piano scores available.  You must specifically ask for the piano scores.]

Your Production Staff - We try to make sure that producing a KMR Scripts show is as easy as possible.  Our Director's Script is full of helpful information and tips on making your production the best possible for your audiences.  Our CDs contain not only the Performance Soundtrack (saving your theatre a LOT of money on musicians) but also Rehearsal Tracks which let you hear what the songs sound like with a vocalist.  We even give you access to the author for one-on-one help whenever you need it.  But as easy as we try to make it,  as much as we can try to help-- the quality of your production is ultimately up to you.    We  stand by the quality of our materials, but we can't take responsibility for how your theatre uses them.  You can't just hand your actors our scripts, Lead Sheets and  CD and expect them to learn their roles.  You must still have a Director and Music Director on your staff to help your cast. (that sounds silly, but we actually had a theatre do that with elementary school actors-- then try to blame US because the kids didn't learn their songs!)

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Royalty = $35.00
Mus Perf Pack Rental = $180.00


Whether you want to purchase a perusal (reading) copy of one of our scripts or order a Production Packet (rehearsal materials), this is where you go.  There is also a link to fill out a Performance Application.



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