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FAQ: Music

Q:  Are we allowed to make copies of the music?
A:  YES.  You are allowed to transfer the songs from the CD provided by KMR Scripts onto cassette, DAT, CD-- any format you need to prepare your show for performances.  Different theatres use different media for their performance soundtracks and we want our music to work as seamlessly into their routines as possible.     

Q:  We have a band.  Can we get the sheet music so our band can play the music live?
A:  No.  The arrangement we have with the composer is that the music in his shows must be performed exactly as he wrote it.  He has personally authorized the arrangements and recording sessions used to make the Performance Soundtrack CDs.

Q:  How can we get a CD made that only has the tracks we want in our show?
A:  Any professional recording studios can make the CD for you.  Nowadays, many home computers have the hardware and software needed to do the job.  All you need is the Performance Soundtrack CD provided by us and know which tracks you want on the new CD.  We can make the CD for you for a $75.00 fee.

Q:  Why aren't the Vocal recordings in more than one key?
A:  The vocal recordings are only provided as samples so you and your actors can hear what the songs sound like.  They are not meant to be a note-for-note recording of the music and they are not meant to take the place of your Music Director.  In most cases, they are just the composer singing.  He thinks he has an OK voice, but you may think otherwise once you hear him (we're kidding, Kevin!).  

We try to help theatres out as much as possible with all the extras we offer with our scripts (performance soundtrack CDs, sheet music, songs in 5 different keys, director's scripts, educational study guides, etc.), but it boils down to the directors being responsible for the final performance.  We've actually had a theatre blame Kevin for students leaving their program because the kids had trouble learning the music for their show-- and then we found out they didn't have a music director!  The kids (Jr. High age) were just given tapes with their songs and were on their own to learn the music!  Our music is not difficult-- but still, who in their right minds would not help them learn their music??  We think it was a case of a theatre trying to cut the wrong corners. . . .


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