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About: Special COVID19 Offer

We know of few organizations that got hit worse than theatres. And it's not like many theatres are sitting on huge endowments and fat savings accounts. They barely cover their expenses, let alone stash some aside for a rainy day.
No crowds means no performances.
No performances means no ticket sales.
It's only been a couple weeks now and already we are hearing of theatres contemplating shutting their doors for good.
Kevin M Reese is a softy for kids, and has a special place in his heart for theatres that produce shows for young audiences.  He has asked us to make a very special offer:
We haven't yet worked out the details, but after all this has subsided, we figure theatres are going to be ready to get shows back up and running. And since they've been vacant for a while with no income, we thought they could use a helping hand. We will allow your first production (even for theatres that have produced our shows in the past) to be ABSOLUTELY FREE-- no royalty fees, no actor's scripts fees, no music rental fees, and free use of our backing tracks (you'll be responsible for returning the sheet music and backing track CD in a timely manner). We want you to just have to worry about getting your audience back into your seats.


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