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About: Commission Fees

New Script Commission Info Page

In order to have Kevin M Reese write an original (or adaptation) script for your theatre, you must agree to the following stipulations:

Commission (Writing) Fees:

  • Ten minutes or less (2 songs) = $2,000.00. 

  • 10 - 35 Minutes (4-5 songs) = $5,000.00

  • 35-65 minutes (up to 9 songs) = $10,000.00

  • Full length (2 hours, up to 15 songs) - $20,000.00 

  • No discount for Non-Musical scripts.

  • Children's Opera = starts at $25,000.00 for a 30-minute show.

  • Individual Song, not part of a show = $1000.00 per song.

  1.  My writing fee is purely a consideration fee for me to take the time to write the script.  You will pay the fee whether you like and produce the script-- or not.  My scripts are delivered "as is," ready for rehearsal.   Half the writing fee paid to start, balance paid on delivery of script.  This includes all rehearsal materials, re-writes (script & score) as requested.  
  2. Six months are required from the day of first installment of writing fee to the day the script is delivered to you (12 months for full-length show).  Music (CD and vocal lead sheets) is delivered one month after script.
  3. We will waive royalty fees on the premiere production only (up to 50 performances-- after that you pay our regular Performance Royalty).
  4. Your theatre receives credit in published script as original cast and producing organization.
  5. Your theatre retains no rights to any future productions of the script other than the above-mentioned credit in the published script.
  6. I do not collaborate.  I will receive sole author credit of the script and have sole control of all copyrights.
  7. You must provide 6 complimentary tickets for me and my family if we attend your production.
  8. I am relatively shy, so I prefer just blending into the crowd when I attend productions of my shows.  However, if I can help promote your show in any way, I'll be happy to do whatever I can.  Just let me know in advance.  Depending on your request, however, you may need to pay some or all our travel expenses.  My family travels with me whenever they can.
  9. You must videotape the performance and provide KMR Scripts with either a DVD or MiniDV tape of the performance.
  10. I am a member of the Dramatists Guild (professional playwrights' association) and have access to their standard Guild contracts for Premieres.  However, I prefer using my own, less formal contract.  If you require special stipulations not included in my standard contract, additional fees will be charged.
  11. I will, if requested, submit drafts for approval or to show progress.  You will be given time to submit your cast/tech requirements and any special ideas you have as far as desired styles, themes or plot points-- but after that, any input you make hampers the development of the script.  If an emergency comes up (discover you need an all-female cast or a particular role needs to be a non-singing role, etc.),  I can work around that. 
  12. These rules seem very strict and my prices seem steep-- Yes.  I make no apologies for my process or my fees.  If you don't like them, don't contact me.  If you knew what this process puts me and my family through, you would better understand.  Also, my shows are unique and if you want that, you will have to pay.  My shows are not everyone's "cup of tea." You get what you pay for.

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